Catfish John “Grateful Blues” feat. Albert Castiglia

In dedication and devotion to the musical adventure of the Grateful Dead: Dusty Alander, Scott Tillotson, Wyatt Rakich, and Keith Alcantara bring their own interpretation of music that has inspired for over 50 years! During the last 6 years, many have joined us and we could not have done it with you! Including but not limited to Dave Avillion, Doug Brown, Jack Della Valle, Jay Gavin, Matt Green, Cathy Hackett, Dan Klepinger, Tony Mc Daniel, Jeff Orr, Tony Orant, and Richard Wells. Not to mention Special Guests: DJ Logic, Kevin Harris, Mark Karan, & John Kadlesic…we thank all of you and hope this list continues to grow. Ultimately we have to thank so many people that have supported us here in Las Vegas as well as California, Utah, Colorado, and Arizona. We are blessed to have you as friends.

Born out of the love and inspiration of the Dead, Catfish John is a collective of serious players looking to express their affection and respect for the music of the Grateful Dead. They are artists giving a unique take on the music of the Grateful Dead. Catfish John performs raucous, intuitive, wide-open jams, with stunning guitar and tight vocal harmonies that compliment and complete their sound. Playing the music of the Dead possesses a phenomenon of creative freedom.

Come on out and shake it with us!